Brief News

I realized it’s been a while, so I thought I would provide a little update.

My transformative translation of Kipling’s “If” via André Maurois’ French translation – titled “If – A Counterattack” – is up in issue 24 of Drunken Boat, which has a special Outranspo (and Paraoutranspo) feature. It’s a reponse to the translation conundrum I faced when bringing the poem back into English while translating One Hundred Twenty-One Days.

I’m still working on my dissertation, and as of Friday I am officially ABD (all but dissertation).

I’ve gotten involved with the newly formed UNC Translation Collective. It’s exciting to have found a community of aspiring translators here in North Carolina.

I was longlisted for the 2017 PEN America Translation Prize, which was an unexpected honor.

I’m still working on the Mademoiselle Haas stories a little at a time, mainly when I’m tired of dissertating.