More Reviews of 121 Days & My First Interview

Since One Hundred Twenty-One Days came out, my husband and I have moved out of our rental house in upstate New York and have headed towards a new home in Raleigh in a roundabout way, stopping to see family in Michigan, standing as a bridesmaid (me) in a friend’s wedding in Tennessee, and attending a teachers’ conference in Texas (him) as well as to visit some dear friends there. (Or rather here, since I’m still in Texas as I write this post!)

And, since March, several more lovely reviews of 121 Days have appeared (not least those by caring readers on Goodreads). Here is a list, perhaps more for my own record-keeping than your interest, but all the same. I’ve added my favorite sentence from each, for added appeal.

We wander through her chapters to celebrate every puzzle piece we find that can connect the different islands she has built for us.

Feeling is in shards, as it were.

Perhaps the translator, then, is the ultimate mathematician, solving equations that push the boundaries between languages.

  • Full Stop review by Rebecca Hussey, 23 June 2016

While reading the novel, we are, in a manner, historians looking at the evidence before us, trying to piece it together to our own satisfaction.

AND, last but not least, my dear Binghamton colleague Steve asked me if I’d like to do an interview with him about the book for Open Letters Monthly. It was a truly delightful exchange, and I look forward to talking about the book more in the coming months.