My First Published Translation!

intranslation logoI am overjoyed to announce that my first published translation excerpt has just appeared on InTranslation, a section of The Brooklyn Rail Magazine. You can read the excerpt here.

(Please note that there is some explicit language in the translation due to my interpretation of some coarse-mannered characters.)

As noted on the InTranslation site, A Hunting Party tells the story of Tristan, a sensitive young man who has been persuaded by his wife to go on a hunting trip in order to “fit in” with the men of their town. In the beginning of the book, Tristan accidentally shoots a rabbit, but when he discovers that the animal is still alive, he hides it in his gamebag with the intention of letting it free when no one is looking. This proves difficult, however, in the atmosphere of guns, blood, and aggressive masculinity. But when the leader of the group has a serious accident, Tristan is left alone with him while the others go for help–just as ominous storm clouds appear overhead. The intimidating situation leads him to reflect on his struggles with his mother’s death, his experience abroad as a teenager, and his disintegrating marriage. These flashbacks are interspersed with his present difficulties of battling a storm, keeping his companion occupied, and debating philosophical notions with the rabbit in his gamebag.

Thanks for reading!